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Here you can find the list of the most frequent questions from users.

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  • How to search in MediaGet?

    Search has 5 categories (games, music, movies, soft, all). For detailed search you should choose the appropriate section. If you want to find a movie, then choose the "Video" section. If you cannot relate a file to a specific section, use the "All" section.

  • My Internet speed is very slow, what should I do?

    The problem of slow download speed might be caused by  several reasons.

    1.Your Internet speed connection. You cannot download faster than it is determined by your Internet service package (ISP) or a provider. In this case we note that providers usually indicate a connection speed in megabits per second (e.g. 20 Mb \ sec.), whereas a download speed is measured in megabytes per second. One byte is 8 (eight) bits. So the actual speed of downloading assuming that your connection speed is 20 Mb \ sec will be at least 8 times lower (about 2.5 MB \ sec.). Sometimes, the download speed drops even lower due to various external factors: "noises" in the network, sharing features etc.

    2.The number of «seeders» – people sharing the file. Some of files do not have seeders, i.e. you do not have anyone to download from. This is a specific feature of p2p networks. There are several solutions. First: look for another file with the same name but with the presence of seeders. Second: wait for seeders to appear in the network and let you download the file. You can also ask for "seeding", i.e. appeal to those people who have already downloaded the file, so they will return to seed the file and you will be able to download it.

    3.Achieved limit of connections. To solve this problem, go to «Settings» → «Advanced settings» → «Connection»and press «Random» opposite the port for incoming connections. This function will change the port and the download will be resumed. If it does not work, see this page.
    Also, it’s important to remember that your Internet channel speed is limited and if at the same time you download another program (e.g. in browser) the speed will be limited accordingly.
  • What is the "Catalogue" in MediaGet and how to use it?

    The Catalogue is a collection of movies summaries and screenshots of movies, games, music and software. If you find a file you need in the catalogue, you can start searching this file in Mediaget. Just make a double click on the file and you'll jump to the search results. Choose the best variant and click “Download”. We do not keep these files on our servers; it's just a library of summaries.

  • How to create torrent and share it in MediaGet?

    In the section "Transfers" push the button “Create a new torrent”. In the SUPPORT section of torrent trackers you use you can find an information about what trackers to include.

  • MediaGet (doesn't start) starts with the system. How to enable/disable it?

    In order to enable /disable auto start of MediaGet go to "Settings" and check or uncheck "Start with Windows".

  • I started download several files and I want the computer to automatically shut down after the download completes. How can I do this?

    Make a right-click on the Mediaget icon in the lower right corner of your screen(near the time tray) and in a pop-up menu select "Shutdown" and activate needed variant.

  • I downloaded a movie, game, music, software. What should I do next?

    In case of games you need to have an emulator ROM drive.
    If you downloaded a movie, and it does not play (or have a picture but no sound), it is likely that you should install a package of codecs.

  • I can’t find the requested file! Why?

    If this happens try typing not a full name of a file you need but only a part, preferably, use keyword. If it does not help then you're probably looking for a new content that has not been submitted yet. We recommend you try again later.

  • Some files are downloading very slowly. What does files downloading speed depend on?

    Try to download a file with a large number of sources (seeders). Or if the problem persists, click here.

  • How can I uninstall MediaGet?

    You can delete the program in a common way: «Start»→«Programs» →«MediaGet» →«Uninstall MediaGet». Or using Windows «Add or Remove Programs» utility in the Control Panel.

    In old version we had a problem with unloading MediaGet from memory. So you should push Ctrl+Shift+Esc, find the mediaget.exe process and «kill» it. After that you can delete program using a common way.

    We do not recommended to delete the program by removing the shortcut «MediaGet» from the desktop; it does not remove the program itself. Also, it's not recommended to delete the program folder removing «MediaGet» from the folder «Program Files». This method does not remove the program completely. There is only one correct way to uninstall MediaGet, described at the beginning of this topic.
  • I can not download (my antivirus identify it as potentially dangerous software, virus, threats, trojan, etc..)

    We assure you that MediaGet does not contain any virus, "worms," "Trojan horses" or any other dangerous things if you download it from our official site. Some antiviruses such as NOD 32, Kaspersky, DrWeb, may identify MediaGet as a "dangerous or potentially unwanted software". It happens because any download manager can be used to download virus from the internet. In order to provide maximum safety and minimize the risk of infection of computers of our users, we have worked only with verified (certified) web-sites, apart our effort, we recommend you to download files from trusted web-sites. To get rid of false alerts of antiviruses to our software, you need to add MediaGet to the exclusion list of your antivirus. If you were not able to do it alone and need our help, please contact us via the support form.
  • MediaGet takes too many system resources, even though my computer is pretty powerful. How to reduce the consumption of system resources?

    We recommend you to use the latest version of MediaGet because all known bugs are fixed there and it is the most stable version. The latest version can always be downloaded from our official site.
    If after updating the problem still persists, you can contact us via the feedback form and we will try to help you.
  • I'm afraid for my personal data. Your program does not steal it, does it?

    All actions of our program are visible and you can keep track of them. We do not collect or send any personal data stored on computers. We do not need it. The number of users MediaGet already exceeded 100 millions, so any wrong activity from our side would already have been known. Do not worry, everything is safe!
  • I often see ads of your program. Why the MediaGet ads are everywhere?

    One of the directions of our work is to help novice Internet users to find files on the Internet. A large number of partner sites joined us. It allows users to obtain the desired content using our program. Tried MediaGet once, most people start to use only our software and visit those sites that have our banners. It’s convenient!

  • There are additional software, toolbars, etc. coming with Mediaget! I don’t need them. What can I do to stop install softwares and unwanted toolbars?

    Installing these programs helps us to keep MediaGet available for free, but is not compulsory. Just read carefully what's written on the instal tap dialog during installation of MediaGet and REMOVE the checkmarks next to the additional programs that you don’t want to install. To remove additional programs go to Control Panel → Windows Add / Remove Program → Delete, or Browser Extensions menu, as well Remove Programs in Windows.
  • When MediaGet is on, the Internet browser pages load very slowly, even though my internet speed is high enough. What should I do?

    Most likely, you have exceeded the limit of half-open connections. To solve this problem you need to download and install a special free patch.
    Details - here.
  • When the dowload is almost completed, the speed drops to minimum. Why?

    This is due to the technology of downloading files. The file is divided into several separated parts that you receive from different users. If a certain part is not coming from a quick source, ie if a certain part has no seeding or the source of this part is temporarily unable to transfer a file, you might experience a drop in speed. We recommend restarting the program (menu - exit, restart). If after this operation you have no changes, you have to wait for the missing part to be refreshed or a new upload. If still no change over a long period of time, it is recommended to search for other sources by using our search engine. Choose the file you want to download using our search engine, use the file with the highest number of sources, in our program these files are marked by five stars.
  • Suddenly downloading is terminated. What should I do?

    First, we recommend that you check your Internet connection. Check if other programs (browser, Skype, ICQ)  work. Then open the MediaGet software, go to Transfers, in the column of the file you are willing to download, in S/P, check the existence of a seeder (supplier for the file you want to download) if there are not any seeders (0/0), therefore you won’t be able downloading the file. Please wait till the seeders appear or look for a different seeder.
  • MediaGet refuses to download large files. Why?

    Make sure that the disk where you installed the program, is in the file system NTFS format (not 95/98/ME). FAT32 does not support files of 4 or more gigabytes.
    To reformat to NTFS Windows 2000, XP and above is required.
    - Press the Start button
    - Menu - run
    - Type in the command NT cmd
    - Type in the command line  convert  letter of the drive: / fs: ntfs (for the C: drive it will look so convert c: / fs: ntfs, for D: - convert d: / fs: ntfs, etc. ..)
    - Then it asks the volume name, so type in the name of the disk you want to be converted, (you can find it in "My Computer")
    - Reboot if it's required by the program.
  • When downloading the file an error "can not create directory" appears.

    Try restarting the application as administrator (right click on the program icon - Run as administrator).
  • When clicking on the link to the file another program runs. How to fix it?

     If previously you used another download manager by default, you need to configure the program to tick "check association on startup." Then restart the MediaGet and browser.
  • How to renew a download if I've deleted it from the list of the downloads?

    Start to download this file again, the program will automatically find the file and will continue to download it. Or search for previously downloaded file in temporary files of your browser and open it.
  • I don't want to share the downloaded file.

    To do this you need after you have downloaded the file, press "Pause" to prevent the reversal (spread) of the file. Or completely remove the program distribution: go to the tab "Tranfers" → click right button of the mouse on the file → press “Remove” → select "Remove download from the list."
  • During installation, an error has occurred (code Wininet...). What should I do?

    You need to disable Internet Explorer (even if you are using another browser) to "work offline". To do this: open IE (right click on top, on gray color) and place a mark in the "menu bar", then click "File" and from the appearing frame remove checkmark on the "work offline". Close the IE Browser and reopen it again to check up if you were successful in removing the checkmark on "work offline". Close IE and open the Task Manager (simultaneously click Ctrl + Alt + Delete), make sure that the MediaGet installer is not ready running and run it.
  • During installation instead of the installation window appears only a white sheet (blank page). What should I do?

    This problem occurs when the default browser Internet Explorer incorrectly processes the html page. We recommend that you download the latest version of the browser and install it. Then rerun the installer MediaGet. If that does not work, send us a message, through our support form, specifying which operating system you have and which antivirus software you are using in your computer system.